Friday, September 23, 2011

Aurora-tan's New Autumn!

Hullo my pico lovers!
Hi everyone! It's me, Aurora-tan!

I haven't played Pico in almost a year, can you believe that? It's pretty shameful, I know. But you know why I started playing again? It's because I am addicted to playing the newest game by Ameba which is World Chef! Who would have guessed that cooking could be so addicting?

Considering that I don't even get to eat the food . . .

In World Chef, you run your very own restaurant, and cook special dishes. Too bad I can't wear the clothes in Pico in this game. My Pico will have to run around blind without my usual red glasses. In any case, I have been playing a lot of this game recently because you can ...

...collect gnomes and mushrooms!

That's right! Because of gnome collecting!
You gather mushrooms by completing tasks in World Chef and you trade those in to get some cool gnome statues! The only problem I've faced are actually being able to collect certain colors. Some colors you can only collect by cooking and serving Autumn Stew. That is a dish that takes 6 hours (!!) to cook. It's very time consuming. To collect red mushrooms, you have to cook Autumn Stew lots of times, and these randomly appear.

Why not just cook Autumn Stew and then immediately throw the dish away? Because cooking Autumn Stew takes 2,000 of your coins each time. So that would be like throwing cash away!

Wahh... will I ever be able to collect 10 red ones?

At least in the meantime, my handsome waiters will keep me company.

The food isn't the only thing that's delicious here ... <3

So far, I have collected 4 gnomes! Here's how many mushrooms you need for each one:

Red gnome requires 2 Red Mushrooms
Yellow gnome requires 2 Yellow Mushrooms
Green gnome requires 10 Red Mushrooms and 5 Green Mushrooms
Orange gnome requires 15 Yellow Mushrooms, 5 Orange Mushrooms, and 2 Pink Mushrooms
Purple gnome requires 30 Red Mushrooms, 3 Purple Mushrooms, and 15 Green Mushrooms.

To collect Mushrooms, check out the side panel on the Gnome quest window for details... so far, the hardest ones to get are Red, Yellow, and Orange. I hope to at least see a Purple or Blue Mushroom soon. Until then, I will be playing Pico!

So long! See you next time! Quack!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Under the Sea!

Hello my fellow PICOfreaks! Long time no post I know. We've been very busy at our day jobs as well as playing other games. haha!

I, Catmid, still play fortunately... but haven't been able to post an update till now. I'm really enjoying the mermaid items. It's so fun! It goes great with the summer items like the killer whale and dolphin!

The space one was super cute too! Did you have trouble getting the star for the spaceship? I think I did but I'm not sure. I will try again.

Leave comments and maybe I'll visit your room!
Until next time I promise to update more!

Have fantastic underwater pico adventures!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sweets for my Sweets!

Hello my fellow PICOfreaks! How have you all been? Have you been enjoying the new areas as much as I have? I come onto PICO from time to time to check out the new things and try to visit some of my old friends. Things have changed so much from such a short amount of time.

I had some time yesterday to add a sweets shop to my place. Of course I mixed up the chocolate items with the kitchen items and the wedding items. So many cute things!!! I'm also so happy the tea set isn't a consumable. I hate that I place something and it disappears after a week!

How has your time been so far? I haven't chatted with you all in a while. I hope to post more since it is Summer Time where I am. The weather has been great and my work load has slowed down.

Till next time, have fantastic PICOadventures!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bubble Time!

Hello My Friends!

Hello My Fellow PICOFreaks! Sorry long time no post! Our little band of ruffians have been working very hard in our day jobs. Thought I'd post a small update here while I have time.

Have you been enjoying all the updates?!?!?! I am a little sad there aren't any cute monthly gummy/colored items. What was wrong with that? I liked mixing and matching basics. They could at least leave them up for future purchases, right?

Though I'm completely enjoying the Sakura and Military campaigns. SO CUTE! So Fun! The Helicopter is so amazing!

 Must save the cow princess!!!

They have also re-released the Train items. I always thought those were great. I remember people getting so creative with their rooms. Having the train go through all the floors of their room. I wish I took photos of that. I'm sure I'll find another one again. :B

All in all I am still having a great time on PICO. Are you? Come by and leave a note on my board. Maybe I'll feature you on this month's blog posts. If you sing me a song, I'll ring your room. Haha!

Thanks fellow PICOfreaks! Till Next Time!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1st Anniversary!

Have you been to Chloe's house? It's so deliciously cute! Almost like Candyland!
Stop by and have a look. It is worth waiting for!

Also, don't forget to type in /1st and see a surprise! HAHA!
Happy Anniversary PICO peeps!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ring a Ding Ding!

Pico's First Anniversary! I hope bigger, newer things are going to happen this year! Like fishing... would be nice. Please? haha XD And the space station area is so neat!

Anywho, go rings some bells the animation is cute!